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So tonight was the coolest/best thing that has ever happened to me. I went to see julian bc he’s in my home town and of course I’m not gonna pass that up. However, I’m only 17 and It was 18+. After doors opened and everyone was in, I was waiting to maybe just catch julian and get a picture. About thirty minutes later he came out and he saw me and came over and struck up a conversation. I told him I couldn’t get in because I wasn’t old enough so I asked him to take a picture he told me he’d do me one better and said “follow me” and took me past the gate and told the guys working them “me and my posse coming through” and took me backstage to watch. I ended up not being able to stay because management is fucked up. Julian seemed bummed that I couldn’t stay and asked for my name and put me on the guest list for tomorrow nights show and gave me a signed poster and some stickers and took pics with me and basically I’m the happiest person ever. meeting my hero proved to be the best experience ever.

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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. A rare moment in a show darkly lit and his back often to the crowd. X

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julian’s signature/comment on the sign we made haha

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I knew something about Beardo was off-putting. At the Philly concert, I saw him makin his way through girls. Like he would hug them (without them initiating it) in a way that I’ve seen many disgusting men do. It’s different if a girl asks for a hug (like with Julian.)
And during the concert, he said out loud that there were a ton of beautiful women there (which was nice, but really??)

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